Established in 2009 by Olga Nathalie Reyes

Nathalie constantly paid for overpriced and low quality nails. One evening she came across a young lady with Swarovski nails which inspired her to become a nail technician and create nail art of her own. Throughout the years she has grown her business in nails, bridal  and FX Make-up through social media now reaching a 34k following on Instagram and still growing. Her services were more and more in demand every year, that In 2017 she launched her brand of luxury Press On Nails not only locally but internationally. Now you can purchase her beautiful Nail art where ever you may be and delivered straight to your door and in minutes feel fabulous wearing them.

In 2018 Nathali3’s Nails started offering Nail and Make-Up Classes. She hopes to inspire the New Generation with her love of Nail and Make-up art and teach them the techniques she has gained through out the years.

Nathali3’s Nails is now successfully networking with other companies such as Ocean Nail Supply, Beauty Savage RV Cosmetics, CR Beauty, Sliekgraph, Photography, Simply Glam, & Crystal Make-Up Studio.


Nathalie Reyes

Let me Introduce you to our CEO, Olga Nathalie Reyes better known as Nathalie from Nathali3’s Nails. She is a Proud Latina born in East Los Angeles.  At the young age of 15 she became a single mother of a beautiful baby girl. In her process of figuring out what she needed to do to support her daughter she discovered that her love of art could work as more than just a hobby. At the age of 19 she self taught herself by experimenting on herself and taking the words her mother lived by  “Echando a perder se aprende”. She began practicing on family members to perfect her technique. Once her confidence arose she decided to attend Cosmetology school to become licensed at age of 25. After she finished school she meet her fiancee and decided to grow her family and became pregnant with her second Beautiful Baby Girl. During her pregnancy she had lots of spare time so she started watching YouTube videos to refine her techniques once more. She attempted to work for others but then realized that the best way was to work for herself.  She then expanded her business to bridal make-up & hair styling and  FX make-up. Through out the years she developed new and improved techniques. Her passion for art in the beauty industry and her own struggle inspired her to start her own Press On Nails line and offer classes. She is now shipping her Press on Nails locally & Internationally and traveling to cities all over California to teach her skill set to others. In the process she has had the pleasure to work with celebrities and public figures. Along with the support of her family, Nathalie’s dedication and ambition has lead her to become a very talented and successful business woman. Nathalie is an inspiration to not only her loved ones but everyone who learns her story!

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Valery Coyt

Let me Introduce you to our Co CEO, Valery Coyt, Nathalie’s daughter. A 17 year old inspired to follow her mother’s footsteps in the beauty business.

Celebrities we had the pleasure in meeting

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